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VF Venieri at Intermat 2018

Venieri: developing and designing the future of construction industry and earth moving machinery.   

At Intermat, the Italian company presents a multifunctional product to be a strategic partner for construction site and earth moving.

The historic Italian company that celebrates its 70th birthday, at Intermat 2018 presents numerous innovations, from the various customizations of the most popular and appreciated vehicles on the market. Specialized in  production of small and medium-sized wheel loaders and backhoe loaders for earthmoving, industry and agriculture, VF VENIERI at Intermat presents the complete range, but the focus is on the latest innovations produced in Lugo: two new wheel loaders : the VF 1.63C and the VF 4.63H; and also a wheel loaders with telescopic arm the VF 8.63TL.

Called “Venierina”, the VF 1.63C, the smallest among Venieri’s articulated wheel loaders is characterized by a new design that shows off practicality, visibility and operational dynamism. The 50 HP YANMAR engine with Stage IIIa / Tier 3, which reaches high torque already at low revs. With the VZKP kinematic, the new VF1.63C allows to have an high breakout force (3.840 kg), while maintaining the perfect parallelism when using forks and all types of equipment. The availability of three different cabs (cabin, canopy and rollbar roof), standard headlamps and front and rear hydraulic output clearly indicates how the 1.63C is a compact wheel loader with high-performance and operational features.  The adaptability to any kind of ground and the 4 standard quick coupling systems (Steer skid, Euro, SMS) make the “Venierina” a multi-purpose machine for the modern needs of the work site and excellent compatibility with most of the equipment already in possession to the costumer.

The VF 4.63H wheel loader is equipped with Yanmar engine (72 HP) IIIB/Tier 4i with  particulated filter. The engine is ready for the introduction of the Stage V which will come into force in 2019; standard transmission 30 km / h, optional Bosch Rexroth high efficiency 40 km /h.  Equipped with a new completely redesigned linkage to the latest state of the art, for maximum breakout force and interchangeability with previous versions, the VF 4.63H stands out for its total stability guaranteed by oscillating rear axle fixed to the frame with maintenance-free supports.

The new spherical cabin guarantees an excellent visibility to 360° which gives the best view to work with maximum efficiency and allows the maximum control of any attachments. Thanks to the new sound proof technology and special “anti vibration” rubber shock absorbers it was possible to reach a deeply noise reduction inside cabin, in order to assure a maximum wellness for the operator. The door with double opening allows the operator to work with the entrance door closed, with top glass opened, ensuring maximum ventilation even with the A/C off and without protruding parts out of shape.

VF Venieri at Intermat presents some innovations, both for the evolution and expansion of the brand range, and for the reference market, the new telescopic wheel loaders. A fundamental turning point that allows the Italian brand to also be included in the agricultural market.

The VF 8.63TL with an operating weight of 8.200 kg, a maximum height with forks of 5.255 mm, and a maximum load of 3,200 kg, is the largest telescopic wheel loader produced by Venieri. For the first time VF Venieri does not use the high pressure hydrostatic transmission on its wheel loaders, but the Venieri Electronic Power-shift (VEPS). The presence of well 6 gears forward and 3 gears rear to fully electronic management allows you to have traction control a traction control suitable for farmers. For the engines, the partnership with Deutz is confirmed thanks to the TCD 3.6 which, with its 3.6 liter split in 4 cylinders, has a power output of 100 kW (136 HP). The electronic optimization of torque and power curves allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption. The engine conforms to Stage IV using the EGR, DOC and SCR. The hydraulic system follows the VF Venieri philosophy of strentgh , dynamism and control. The maximum capacity of 140 l / min is reached by a gear pump that serves a Load Sensing distributor: it maintains control and simultaneous movements without losing the fundamental brilliance needed in agricultural applications.The cabin, with the general design, gives maximum visibility without compromising on comfort with a car concept. ROPS and FOPS approved, has an internal volume of the largest in the category without increasing total external dimensions. It is a telescopic wheel loader that plays a key role in the development of the VF-Venieri range and the presence of the agricultural market of the Italian manufacturer, which emphasizes more and more  its vocation to this type of application.

“VF Venieri confirms the proposal of highly customized machines” – states Filippo Muccinelli Venieri, General Manager of Venieri S.p.A. – with high technological value and 100% made in Italy quality. We are able to combine our historical experience with earth-moving machines with the flexibility necessary to meet the demands. Our customers can work in the most extreme places as in the most difficult situations, without limits, being able to count on our machines, practical and irreplaceable, because Venieri’s machines can be adapted 100% to the needs of operators. VF Venieri indeed boasts a global organization working with 75 partners worldwide “.

To enhance its presence at this international fair, VF VENIERI is running for the important competition aimed at innovations inherent in techniques and solutions for the construction and infrastructure sector called “INTERMAT INNOVATION AWARD” with the new system called “Electronic System for Efficiency and Safety”. The electronics system installed on the machine grant to manage the hydrostatic transmission, the steering system, the hydraulic system and the machine balancing, with the goal to reach the next level of efficiency and safety.

Gamma Type Maximum kracht (PK) Max Vermagen (KW) Max Gewicht (KG) Capaciteit Schepbak (m3) Kinematica Graafdiepte (mm)
Minipala 52 38 4000 0.4 PARALLEL /
Miniterna 52 38 4000 0.4 PARALLEL 2.750 (3.250 *)
Minipala 53 39 4.130 0.45 PARALLEL /
50 36 3600 0,5-0,8 Z ACHTERUIT /
53 39 3600 0,5-0,8 Z ACHTERUIT /
50 36 4.000 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
53 39 4.000 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
50 36 4800 0,7-1,2 Z /
50 36 4800 0,75-1,2 Z /
53 39 4800 0,75-1,2 Z /
60 44 5750 0,8-1,5 Z /
72 54 6200 1,0-1,7 Z /
79 58 6.270 1,0-1,5 Z /
79 58 6.270 1,0-1,5 Z /
106 78 8350 1,4-2,0 Z /
128 94 8750 1,4-2,0 Z /
105 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.600 (5.400 *)
106 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.600 (5.400 *)
106 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.60 (5.40)
128 94 8750 / PARALLEL /
128 94 8350 / PARALLEL /
143 105 9.100 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
128 94.5 9670 1,8-2,2 Z /
143 106 10110 1,8-2,2 Z /
106 78 9920 1.3 Z 5.000 (6.000 *)
106 78 9920 1.3 Z 4.00 (5.00)
106 78 9.400 1.2 Z 4.800 (5.800 *)
128 94 10000 1,8-2,5 PARALLEL /
143 105 10110 1,8-2,2 PARALLEL /
164 121 13450 2,2-3,0 Z /
164 121 13450 2,2-3,0 PARALLEL /
184 135 14150 2,7-3,5 Z /
184 135 14150 2,7-3,5 Z /
225 168 22000 3,5-5,0 Z /
228 168 22000 3,5-5,0 Z /