Always clean air

The new air cleaning system offers you a two-stage filtration through high-efficiency primary filters and safety filters that can be integrated with a “cyclone” pre-filter for maximum engine protection.


The new Deutz engine complies with the latest emission standards delivering high torque at low rpm.

Automotive disk brake system

The split double braking system (optional on VF 8.23F), operating on each single axle, guarantees the machine a minimum braking distance.

Tyre range for any kind of application

Wide range of tyres selected for any kind of terrain and application, both industrial and agricultural.

Hydrostatic transmission

Compared with a traditional PowerShift, high-pressure Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmission with automatic change improves the machine’s performance in terms of towing force, speed and reduced fuel consumption.

Central articulation

Tight curves, slight slopes, each job is different. Thanks to the central articulation, the machine can easily operate even in tiny spaces.

Two machines in one

New completely redesigned linkage for maximum breakout and lifting force, which are impossible to find in a traditional backhoe with parallel linkage. In addition, we guarantee full attachments interchangeability with our previous models and main competitors.

Total stability

The oscillating rear axle, fixed to the frame with unlimited duration, maintenancefree supports and controlled by a doubleacting cylinder, functions as a damper and suspension block to ensure total stability.

Loader arm speed

The energy recovery function eliminates all the “downtimes” in the lowering of the boom, thus improving its response time and performance.

Close attention to fuel saving

The new electrically controlled dual speed cooling fan adjusts the rotation speed according to all working conditions, reducing the average fuel consumption (8% approx.) and noise (12 dB approx.).

360° 3D view

Full control of the whole working area as well as front and rear attachments, thanks to the 360° visibility of the Venieri Cabin (certified ROPS/FOPS II° level)

Be cool

The brand-new ventilation system guarantees the operator maximum comfort. You can choose between the automatic climate control or the air conditioner, thus obtaining the perfect temperature inside your cabin.

Hydraulic additional circuits

The front and rear part of the machine can be simultaneously equipped with a number of different hydraulic circuits to perform any kind of job.

No limits for additional attachments

The new High Flow Kit allows a 42% increase of oil flow to the attachment versus the standard one.

We have re-designed the future of backhoe loaders

The need to combine high productivity and professional versatility resulted in the Umak revolution: the new Venieri multifunctional machine

High productivity

The Venieri UMAK can satisfy any purpose, thus replacing different traditional machines and allowing for significant cuts in terms of maintenace and staff costs.

Versatility, speed and power

Thanks to the power of hydrostatic transmission and the efficiency of their hydraulic system, as well as the complete and full disengagement of the rear excavator, our multifunctional machines are authentic universal tool carriers.
In addition, the engine is mounted in a transverse/central position to achieve an equal distribution of the load on both axles, better tipping over resistance, towing force and stability with the lowest centre of gravity.

Reduce consumption and save the environment

The employment of a single machine to perform all tasks allows you to considerably reduce the levels of fuel consumption, exhaust gas emissions and noise.


Hydrostatic transmission

The Power Management System (PMS) developed by Venieri allows balancing the power available, in favour of the attachment. Using the Engine at maximum RPM, you can have the maximum oil flow to the attachment and, at the same time you can adjust the speed, with precision of 1 km/h; a function lacking in traditional transmissions.

Perfect weight distribution

Thanks to a typical wheel loader’s weight distribution, 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear axle, UMAK guarantees maximum safety when working with bouncing attachments (ex. hydraulic shredder), with no need of additional stabilisers.

“Max Power” flow rate

The Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmission is made according with VENIERI specifications. Thanks to the “automotive” control, it automatically regulates the hydraulic flow and pressure depending on your working conditions: this allows for maximum hydraulic power and limited consumption all the time.

Tyres range
for any kind of application

Stability, traction control and wheel-terrain interaction: trust our experience in the field to choose the most suitable tyres range for any of your specific needs.

99 functions in one joystick

The new cutting-edge joystick performs extremely well with all the 99 additional and homologated attachments.


You can select which standard control can be used on Venieri machines between the followings: ISO or SAE (PILOT).

Rear arm disengagement

The plug and play system is now available.
Remove the backhoe safely every time you want to achieve every kind of purpose (towing carnival floats, for example!)


Venieri 8.23G & 10.23E are fitted with a DEUTZ TCD 3.6 L4 motor, which is a compact 4-cylinder in-line and water-cooled motor, for industrial and agricultural machinery, with a maximum power of 143 HP and aligned with EU Stage V and United States EPA Tier 4f requirements. Externally cooled turbocharged engine with
intercooler and exhaust gas recirculation. 100% of the power available on flywheel and front. Up to two hydraulic drives can be installed on the PTO, with a total torque of up to 310 Nm.


The powerful Common Rail® injection system and the Electronic Engine Control (EMR) with smart connection to engine management ensure optimum engine performance with low fuel consumption.


The exhaust gas management on this engine is DOC/DPF + SCR. DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) is a catalyst that reacts by contact with the engine exhaust gases, transforming its main components into substances that are not harmful to the environment. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a DEUTZ diesel particulate filter, coated with noble metals and adapted to the installation needs of the individual customer application, which supports regular, safe and continuous regeneration, without the need for regular maintenance or additional operating fluids. The use of reliable turbocharger technology, especially compared to SCR-based EAT systems only, enables optimum engine performance throughout the entire rev range. A surface temperature of max. 250°C provides additional safety during operation. The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is a method for reducing NOx emissions. The basis of this technology is a 32.5% liquid urea solution, which is sprayed into the exhaust duct by a dedicated vanadium-or zeolite-coated catalyst. Urea produces ammonia (NH3) in a passive transformation which reacts with NOx and oxygen to form nitrogen and water.


Engines equipped with DEUTZ Common Rail® injection communicate with the machine via a CAN-Bus protocol. This allows functions such as drive-by-wire and full engine control to be integrated into electronically controlled hydrostatic thrusters. The automatic electronic control also guarantees the integrated engine diagnosis and safety system. If the controller registers an abnormal motor status, as in the case of overheating, engine performance is reduced to emergency mode until it shuts down. This minimizes costly repairs, reduces equipment downtime and increases operational reliability.

Benefits of
progress and innovation



Excavating, digging up, breaking, filling, leveling, etc… The Venieri UMAK fully satisfies all your working needs in every condition. Work in the best way and in the shortest time: this is our mission.



Handling, trenching, excavating foundations, setting drainage beds, covering, levelling etc… A Venieri is so flexible and high-performing that no other operating machine is needed, a Venieri UMAK is enough.


Municipalities, army and civil defense

Shredding, planting, cleaning ditches, removing snow, scattering anti-freeze substances or cleaning the road surface. Agility and speed, combined with a proven ability to carry out different kinds of public works, make the Venieri UMAK an ideal and cost-effective solution for municipalities, civil defense and the army.


Roads and piping focus

In road, highway or urban construction sites (inside town municipalities) the Venieri UMAK is the best solution which meets all your needs: cleaning and removal road surface, distribution of stabilising materials, opening/closure of channels for pipes and cables. An extremely high transfer speed, an exceptionally compact dimension, as well as an incomparable turning radius allow the operator to work without stopping the traffic flow.

Gamma Type Maximum kracht (PK) Max Vermagen (KW) Max Gewicht (KG) Capaciteit Schepbak (m3) Kinematica Graafdiepte (mm)
Minipala 52 38 4000 0.4 PARALLEL /
Miniterna 52 38 4000 0.4 PARALLEL 2.750 (3.250 *)
Minipala 53 39 4.130 0.45 PARALLEL /
50 36 3600 0,5-0,8 Z ACHTERUIT /
53 39 3600 0,5-0,8 Z ACHTERUIT /
53 39 4.000 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
50 36 4.000 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
50 36 4800 0,7-1,2 Z /
50 36 4800 0,75-1,2 Z /
53 39 5650 0,75-1,2 Z /
60 44 5750 0,8-1,5 Z /
72 54 6200 1,0-1,7 Z /
79 58 6.270 1,0-1,5 Z /
79 58 6.270 1,0-1,5 Z /
106 78 8350 1,4-2,0 Z /
128 94 8750 1,4-2,0 Z /
105 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.600 (5.400 *)
106 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.600 (5.400 *)
106 78 8490 1.1 Z 4.60 (5.40)
128 94 8350 / PARALLEL /
143 105 9.100 / TELESCOPIC BOOM /
128 94 8750 / PARALLEL /
128 94.5 9670 1,8-2,2 Z /
143 106 10110 1,8-2,2 Z /
106 78 9920 1.3 Z 5.000 (6.000 *)
106 78 9920 1.3 Z 4.00 (5.00)
106 78 9.400 1.2 Z 4.800 (5.800 *)
128 94 10000 1,8-2,5 PARALLEL /
143 105 10110 1,8-2,2 PARALLEL /
164 121 13450 2,2-3,0 Z /
164 121 13450 2,2-3,0 PARALLEL /
184 135 14150 2,7-3,5 Z /
184 135 14150 2,7-3,5 Z /
225 168 22000 3,5-5,0 Z /
228 168 22000 3,5-5,0 Z /